Monday, February 05, 2007

Kinder Bueno Chocolate

The Kinder ‘BUENO’ chocolate bar was introduced to me a few months ago by my cousin Inny. I had never heard about this chocolate before although I had seen it in practically every 7-11 I have walked into in Guangzhou. When selecting a chocolate I usually go for imported brands because I prefer the creamy texture of Swiss or European chocolates. The packaging of this particular brand did not seem appealing to me at all. It looked cheap and very local at first glace.

Upon closer inspection however I did notice that Kinder ‘BUENO’ is an Italian chocolate, made in Italy by FARRERO S.p.A and distributed in Guangzhou by Guang Dong Sims Trading Company. But I was still skeptical as to how this treat would taste. After all this is China. I could have anything made here are print on the packaging that it was made in Timbuktu.

The 6x2” packet contains two bars of chocolate, each wrapped in cellophane. This does give the chocolate an appearance of higher quality because this additional packaging would affect the cost. The name of the Italian manufacturer being FARRERO brought to mind a chocolate I used to enjoy many years ago called FARRERO ROCHE. They were balls of flaky biscuit dipped in a nutty chocolate sauce. The buscuit shell contained a smooth ball of chocolate that in its self contained a hazelnut. 7 or 8 years ago this multi layered delight was the best thing since sliced bread but recently the quality of FARRERO ROCHE is so substandard. Where once it was a regular feature at dinner parties, it now does not even make the Christmas bill.

The ‘BUENO’ bar is neatly packed in the cellophane wrap that has an effective rip tab on the top of it. I must say I was quite surprised at the detail in this packaging. It is so much easier to open a chocolate with a rip tab. This way you do not run the risk of crushing the creamy treat while trying to get through the casing with your teeth. On a cool day the chocolate bar will neatly slip out. On a hot day this cellophane packing can cause quite a mess. But some folks enjoy a melted muddle.

The bar of chocolate is neatly indented into four sections. This makes it really easy to break and share or even just bite into without taking on more than you can handle. Each section contains a generous dollop or hazelnut crème filling. It is awesome.

The Kinder ‘BUENO’ has a flaky biscuit type shell, much thinner and crispier than FARRERO ROCHE and even tastier. It is coated in a smooth layer of rich creamy chocolate and filled in the center with this hazelnut crème that has the most addictive after taste. But unlike some chocolates can leave you panging for more and more, ‘BUENO’ actually fills you up and satisfies the insatiable chocolate craving. This is not a chocolate I could indulge in on a daily basis like I would with DOVE, but it san be served as an after dinner delight that would surly gratify any guest. I think it would be a great garnish for a nutty ice-cream as well.

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