Thursday, February 22, 2007

Macbeth Vegan Sneakers

It is always really hard to move away from a comfortable pair of sneakers. I usually wear them till they fall apart before shifting on to something new. My old REEF sneakers have seen life. These boys have been to at least 3 continents over the last 2 years. And it shows. I was beginning to get a bit self conscious so I decided to go out and get a pair of everyday shoes.

Some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned have been from skate of surf brands. They usually have a wider front and very soft and flexible soles. I had not seen anything really interesting at the larger surf shop outlets around the city so I decided to check out the new ‘Extreme Toys’ store at La Piazza in Kelapa Gading.

They carry a healthy range of skate and surf varieties that include some of the more popular brands like Oakley and Reef but also other trade marks you would not find at the larger surf shops around the Jakarta. The selection of clothing and apparel on available might not be as vast as some other stores but the stash is definitely more original and eclectic. They also deal in some really cool skate boards, long boards, and chopper bicycles. I would love to buy one of those and ride it to work everyday in China.

I was looking for a pair of smart crisp sneakers that I could wear to work on laid back days and even to a club or semi-formal event. That is a lot to ask of one pair of shoes, but I have been travelling so much and I can not carry 5 pairs of shoes everywhere I go, so I needed something that could multi-task for me. I saw a cool pair made by a brand called Macbeth.

I have not heard of them before but the sneakers were sharp. This is exactly what I was looking for. I had seen a pair in Converse but they did not have my size. I liked this one a lot better though.

Laced and set these bad boys are ready to roll. I think they are ideal for all kinds of situations but I just have not had the heart to put them out on the Jakarta streets yet. Things are still a bit muddy here. I know after the first run I will not give a shit but its always the first step in a puddle that hurts.

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