Thursday, February 15, 2007

Science Fair II – Drinking Plants

So we made an electro magnet for Aaryan’s science fair project. I guess you could say it has to do with physics. Now I had to come up with a nature related biology type project for Zubin. I pretty much knew right off the bat what I wanted to do. It is a really simple experiment but it demonstrates that plants do in fact drink water. I set up 4 large white flowers in 4 separate glasses with purple, red, and green water. I placed the last flower in clear water as a control.

Within 24 hours you can already see the flowers have started to absorb the color they are in and the pigment begins to change on their petals and their leaves. I tried to get carnations but none were available. I forget what these puppies are called but they are working faster than I would have expected.

As I said, this is a really simple experiment but it is fun for kids to see the change take place. As these projects will be on display in school for a week, I will send in fresh flowers on the day of presentation and the kids in school can note the transformation over the course of the one week. By the end they should be a whole new color!


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