Friday, February 09, 2007

Water Logged

I just got back to Jakarta last night. The traffic coming home was not bad at all and the water levels had dropped drastically. In fact if it was not for all the garbage on the streets you could probably not even tell there were floods. There was some heavy rain this morning and after taking a drive around Kelapa Gading this morning I could see that many of the smaller streets were under water again. There are watermarks on most of the walls along the main roads that show just how high the flood waters rose and some shops were at least 6 feet underwater! There are loads of insects buzzing around and the air still smells damp and dirty. It is going to be a while before things are back to normal. But it is great to feel some humidity again. Here are some pictures my buddy B took during the floods with his cell phone. They are remarkably clear. There is also a short flood update he sent me posted on my home page. It is hilarious.

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