Friday, April 06, 2007

Sony- Cyber Shot T7

My Sony Cyber Shot has been given a new lease on life. Since I lost the flash card for her and I got the new Canon Power Shot A710 IS, she sunk to the bottom of the lowest drawer under my desk until I recently found her while doing some spring cleaning. I seriously forgot I even had this piece till yesterday. So out of guilt I went out and bought a new flash card or drive, whatever you call it. I got a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo with an adaptor for only $15!!! Yes, this bad boy is as fake as they come but it looks as good as anything I have ever seen on the fancy shelf of the Sony showroom.

My Sony Cyber Sot is actually looking pretty good. She seems to have faired way better then my old Canon Digital IXUS 50. That poor bastard saw some sorry days. I can’t even count how many times he kissed the cruddy floor of some shady nightclub. But I have actually sent him for repairs and I should have him back on Monday. The job is costing me $50. Its worth it, we had some good times together and he takes some pretty characteristic shots.

The Sony Cyber Shot T7 has a pretty large display screen. It is the same size as my new Canon even. It does not have nearly as many features but it is less than ¼ thick and much easier to carry around. I would have likes to take some shots side by side but I only have 2 cameras. At 5.1 mega pixels this bitch can take some pretty nasty pictures too. And because she has not got all these wild functions she slips into focus real easy for close up shots which I use quite a bit for blogging. Not to mention how easy the Sony is to carry around at night.

This shot is another example of how hard it is to get the Canon Power Shot into focus when taking a close up. A similar shot would be clear with the Sony. The buttons for the zoom and the clicker are located on top of the unit. They are pretty small. It can get pretty uncomfortable trying to zoom in and out.

To give you some idea as to how small the buttons on the Sony Cyber shot T7 are, I placed the only object in the vicinity of my desk to best illustrate my point. Can you imagine me with my fat ass fingers trying to tamper with buttons smaller than an M&M in a crowded night club? It is not a laughing matter I tell you. These buttons are so small; you can never push just one!!! (Do you feel the LAYS analogy right there?)

So now I am armed with not one, not two, but three cameras! If only it was quantity and not quality that made for great pictures. I have been looking through the archives on Java Jive recently. If you not seen Brandon’s work as yet check it out. He is a fellow Indo who takes some awesome photographs. In time I hope to take better photos my self, till then I can always be proud of the Malteesers close-ups.

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