Friday, June 01, 2007

Betty Crocker – Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

I was home in Jakarta last weekend to spend some time with my nephews, and blow off some steam after hours. I spent one afternoon baking cookie’s with the boys, as we do. I would like to say it is a drawn out experience where we get to spend some quality time together but the truth of the matter is that these mixes are so damn easy to use that our part of the work is so simple to do that it really takes only 5 minutes.

As with most mixes we only had to add some water, oil, and one egg to the chocolate mix. This is the part where the kids get to participate. The mix also already had chocolate chinks in them. The boys got to take about 5 stirs each, that is the system my sis has put in place, and then I had to do the rest of the mixing. We could not use the electric mixer because this mix was too chunky. I got tired after about 3 minutes myself so the cook took over.

We slapped some of the batter on pan that we drizzled with flower and BAM! In 15 minutes we had these awesome tasting Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They were really tasty, soft, fresh, and extremely chocolaty. It is getting easier and easier to make home made cookies. Unfortunately the boys are 5 years old now and they have pretty healthy appetites so I only managed to have about 4 cookies my self.

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