Friday, June 22, 2007

Chinese Musing

I was in Northern China yesterday, in some small town whose name I cant even remember. If I was not working I might have ventured into the surrounding mountains. They were gorgeous. The whole town was surrounding by these towering green beasts. It made me think about how this place became inhabited, probably because of the security the mountains offered. Flash back to the present, it was hot as hell and I was stuck in the small city. Not a very attractive city...

The hotel I was in was extremely basic. Actually I had to have an ice cold shower that morning because the hot water was not working. But it worked out well because I was all sweaty from the night before with the AC not working. I saw these stickers on the light switches by the door. There were another 2 that stated what they were for, bathroom and hallway, but for the life of me I can not make any sense of this.

Dinner was an adventure that night. I was not in adventurous mood so I kept an eye on what was being ordered. I narrowly escaped an encounter with a snake. I must admit that the food all over china is amazing but when I see my pork or chicken lined up next to a bucket of squirming reptiles, it freaks me out a bit. I like snakes and would love one as a pet, not as an entre.

For breakfast I ordered an egg, sunny side up. When they served it to me with a straw I was a bit blur at first. Then I saw a guy on the table across from me stick his straw into the yolk of the egg and suck it up. That was mighty interesting to me. I thought I would give it a try as well but it was way too gooey. I preferred just to soak it up in a slice of fluffy white bread.

Leaving the hotel in the morning we paid off our bill and head out to the car park in the back. It was parked near the loading dock and at 7 am I was greeted with this welcoming sight. You got to admit that the Powershot got great clarity. I was waiting for someone in the car so I watched them going at this cows skull for a good 10 minutes. They had to change people about 3 times cause they just could not crack the fucker open. I am pretty happy about that too because the last thing I would want to see is cow brains spill out onto the floor.

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