Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunju Hargun – Digital Dancing Sessions – Weekly top 5 Electronic Charts

Sunju Hargun is my buddy and an awesome DJ based here in Guangzhou. Every Wednesday he will share with us his weekly update of all the latest electronic genres being played and listened to from around the globe. The mix will feature 5 tracks, having 2 tracks to be the specials of the month, one as the "floor killer" and the other as the "Tune of the month". Find out more about DJ Sanju Hargun and his expliots on

DD - Session 1

1) Cerf & Mitiska feat. Jaren – Light the skies (Retrobyte remix) [Baroque Records]
This track can also be found on the new Armin Van Buuren – state of trance 2007 mix (it can be found on

Anil Chawla – Everybody loves candy [Vapour Records]
Indian Producer hailing from UK, Releases latest 2007 single called “everybody loves candy”. This is very underground sort of progressive track, for some its very chill but personally I feel that this is a track to step your foot on the gas to while your driving 140 on a highway under the blue cloudy sky.

3) Paul van Dyk feat. Jessica Sutta – White Lies (la mix) [Vandit/Mute Records] (Tune of the Month)
This name needs no introduction…But this track im sure does. Taken from the latest paul van dyk compilation cd called “in between” featuring many vocalist and artist all under one cd. Hopefully to hit your local cd or record store by September or October. So far Paul has let loose this track called “White lies” featuring the hot Jessica sutta from the pussycat dolls, trust me at first I thought to myself “what? Pussycat dolls? No way? Sellout? Commercial” but after I heard this track and played it live, its simply an amazing track. I picture myself sitting in cuba on a beach with a drink and my hand and staring at the sun and just chilling when I listen to the guitar’s in this track. You’ll know what I mean when you give it a listen.

More info and details about the album please go to / /

4) Arno Cost & Arias – Magenta [Kontor/Airplay Records]
(Floor killer of the month)

Anthem! Anthem! Anthem!, for sure this is a hands up in the air tune, latest huge release by Arno cost & Arias. Up up up up up it goes on the charts, a big player in a lot of clubs around the globe. Very strong release by the dynamic electro-duos. There is another remix for this track but I personally feel that this original gives the track a feel that no other remix can give it. Remember to look out for these names in the near future.

5) Filo and Peri feat. Eric Lumiere (Nic Chagall remix) [Vandit/Vonyc Records]
Once again the 2 players of New York Filo and Peri, Throw out another anthem which will be a hit of 2007, featuring amazing vocals by Eric Lumiere, provided with an amazing mix by Nic chagall, from cosmic gate, which I personally feel is a lot of fun to listen to as the track has a got a very nice body rhythm bass to move to it..yes it has a very boring feel to the start but trust me the way the track builds up is very intense, have a listen ull know what I mean. This is a track you would love to hear on your ipod when your on a 2 hr flight going to Bangkok flying high in the sky on thai airways.

More info and details about the album please go to / / / /

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