Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hawaiian Party at Windflower – Guangzhou

Last night I was supposed to hit up the grand opening of Hooleys Bar but it turns out there was a fire in the building where they are located. And by the time I got there the party had been canceled not only because of the evacuation but also because water from the fire engines was finding its way into the bar through the ceiling. That really sucked for them but fortunately there was no serious damage and they are open for business tonight. But the grand opening will probably be next month. So instead I hit up the Hawaiian theme party at Windflower. As far as carrying the theme through there was nothing that really blew my mind but the crowd was good and a lot of friends were out. It gave me an opportunity to bust out my N95 and stock up some footage to play with on Ulead11. I still have not got any really good movie footage to play with I managed to have some fun with what I got last night.

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