Monday, September 10, 2007


I love Japan. Granted I may have only been there once as a young boy, but since then I have come to appreciate many things Japanese from the funky dress sense of the adolescents to the wild gimmicks and gadgets they play with. Japans rich history and powerful culture has somehow paved the way for her to become a leader in modern technology and design, how exactly I cannot say. But it is evident that they have a substantial influence on the products we use everyday, even Sushi have become a staple among big city dwellers in the West. With their freaky fetishes and complex ideologies, I am always eager to see what the Japanese will come up with next, and they never fail to disappoint me. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to eat another human being? Sure it is called cannibalism but as a person who enjoys trying different foods I will admit that I have pondered what human flesh would taste like, and also what emotions would run through my mind as my teeth sink into a cut of human meat. The Japanese have actually found a way to play out the situation. At a restaurant in Japan some friends gather around an artificial human body, sort of like a Mexican piñata but instead of being loaded with candy it is filled with various meats and sauces that look like blood. So where as they are most probably eating fish, chicken, of beef, they can play like they are eating a person. This is borderline gross but that is what I love about the Japanese. Just somehow manage to push the envelope a little further every time. I think this would be a pretty strange but awesome experience. More about it here.

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