Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On Dangerous Ground

I usually steer clear from politics but what I have been watching in the news recently has gotten me pretty riled up. The peace talks that are taking place in Annapolis this week between the Palestinians and Israel have been attracting a lot of attention. I believe that the conflict between these 2 parties stands as a symbol of how people on this planet cannot live in peace and if they ever do strike a deal and move in collaboration towards some resolution it would be one of the greatest triumphs of humankind. A step in that direction would prove to people all over the world that peaceful negotiations can overcome any conflict and that war is not the answer, which for the moment remains an exceedingly idealistic idea. Bill Clinton during his Presidency busted his ass and held numerous conferences with Ehud Mubarak and Yasser Arafat at Camp David looking to find some common ground between them. At that time I remember thinking how badly Clinton wanted this to be part of his legacy, and whether it was for selfish reasons or not does not really matter, what matters is that he truly set it as a personal goal and worked extremely hard towards achieving it.

So now George Bush facing the end of his term as President and reflecting upon what he has accomplished over the last 8 years probably sees nothing more than a trail of blood and corruption. In fact I do not think he has noticed anything personally but this is probably what has been pointed out to him. He has somehow been advised to decided to get involved in the peace process and put together this conference in Annapolis which is being heralded as the closest anyone has brought these 2 parties to realistic peaceful talks in over 11 years. I even heard on CNN this morning, a guy in White House was saying that Clintons efforts actually impeded possibilities of resolution between the Palestinians and Israel. I am not in a position to even debate that statement but I will say that Clinton gave a lot more attention to this crisis than George Bush ever did and for Bush to receive praise for pushing forward this peace process is nothing short of ludicrous.

I am at this moment more inclined to agree with the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela who recognize this step by the Bush Cabinet as a cheap move to shine some positive light on their term in the White House. And why is THIS conference being forecast more successful than those preceding? According to what I have seen and heard on the news, it is because members of the Saudi Government will be in attendance. I wonder if their personal ties to the Bush’s have anything to do with this show of support. And what will their presence really prove? They obviously cannot show public support to the Americans or Israel. That is why there are no REAL representatives from their countries. And without the participation of Hamas, Hezbollah, or Iran, none of the main catalysts are present. How can these talks be given such support and importance by the media and Bill Clintons efforts so blatantly pissed upon? Bush has made a mockery of the Americans and their political system while pillaging their treasury. You only need to watch this short video below shot in 1992 to recognize that this man had absolutely no aspirations to become a leader of his piers let alone the President of the United States of America. And how he got that far is still a mystery to me. He is the reason why words like democracy, freedom, independence, and human rights are not even worth the paper they are printed on. For George W Bush to receive any praise or recognition for aspiring to bring peace to the Middle East or any other place on the planet foe that matter, would be a slap in the face of humanity.

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