Monday, December 10, 2007

Bang & Olufsen Headphones

It seems like this is the season to be receiving for me. My mom came into town over the weekend, apart from the fact that she will be cooking me some awesome food while she is here, she also went out of her way to buy me a pre-Christmas gift. I call it that because I will expect something on Christmas day as well. Since I lost my old iPod I have been using my new one with the standard head set that came with it. Not only does the sound from them suck but they also keep falling out of my ears. So my mommy picked me up a spankin new set of Bang & Olufsen headphones. The box they come in is highly simple and understated. Just plain corrugated carton brown with their logo stamped on the front.

But the technology within the box is anything but plain. First of all the B&O headphones come with loads of accessories like the extra pair of foam covering for the ear pieces, an extra length of cable, a double pin jack, and a nifty leather case. All of the components are extremely sturdy and you can feel their weight when you pick them up. This goes double for the head sets. They are extremely sturdy compared to the common stuff you find on the shelves these days. Each piece can rotate and twist to suite any type of awkward ear I dare say. The metal pins in the sets are so sturdy that they even feel like they have some sort of hydraulic pump in them.

B&O is extremely well known for their high tech sound equipment and funky designs. These earphones are quite comfortable and having just tried them out I can also add that they sound really crisp. However I know they cost over $100 so I cant really say they are worth it. I would much rather have an old school looking set of headphones that surround my entire ear and drill out some serious base. But these headphones are phat and I am definitely gonna make use of them. Now I just got to try and not lose them.

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