Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dragon Brushes – PS Brushes

I got some mails from people recently who have been trying to download some of the PS brushes I have made but were not able to. It turns out the fuckers at Hot Files Link took down my files without informing. It is a free service so I guess I cant really complain but this mean I am gonna have to upload those files all over again and relink them to all the posts and links on my website. I have not made any brushes for a while but I had been looking through my collection of Dragon tattoos recently and felt inspired to make a set of Dragon Brushes. So here is a set of 30 brushes in high resolution, built with Photoshop CS3. Click here to download the brushes. I had actually downloaded a few sets of dragon brushes when I was designing some stuff for Chinese New Year earlier this year. But none of them were as good as this, but I am sure there are still some better ones out there. Enjoy…

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