Monday, December 17, 2007

Where is Indcoup?

As long as I have been blogging, which is almost 3 years now, I have been reading Indcoup. He is a far more serious writer than I am who tackles some pretty somber topics but still manages to put a humorous twist on them where appropriate. I hate to use the word foreigner but as far as I know he is not of Indonesian decent. But from his posts it is clear that Indocoup has been in Indonesia long enough to supersede being labeled an expat. He appears to have truly immersed himself in the local lifestyle. His more controversial posts have sparked up healthy debates amongst his readers and occasionally have smoked some ludicrous characters out of the woodworks. Like any writer who tackles contentious subjects, he has made his fair share of friends and enemies. Whatever conflicts do arise usually stays online but recently he had received some threats over an article he wrote some years ago. Indcoup sent an email to some of his frequent readers informing them of this threat and he even removed the relevant posts. I had seen some pretty brutal comments on his blog that never seemed to stir him but he seemed quite concerned about these recent threats. 2 days later I find that his blog had been deleted. In addition he has also deleted his sister blog Indo Babes, both links have been featured on this blog since the inception of Indo Dreamin. Indcoup was a gutsy blogger who tackled subjects most other Indonesian bloggers would avoid and his journalistic nature led him to probe the underbelly of his subject matter. I cant imagine what has caused him to delete over 5 years of writing. I will sincerely miss his posts as they were a part of my daily fix. More over I will sorely miss his posts from Indo Babes. So like Sixth Seal, Indcoup also now walks off into the sunset. Aloha.

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