Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top Notch File Hosting

I have been having issues with some of the FREE file hosting sties I have used over the last few months. Well firstly one might wonder, why host your files online when you can keep them on CD or on HDD? Fortunately I can upload pictures directly to blogger so I do not have to store my personal pictures online. And I do keep most of the old stuff on external HDDs. But I do manage a couple of sites with resources I need to make available online for download like some PDF files, video clips, and PS Brushes. Some of the hosts I have used in the past put limits on how much space you can use and others even terminated my account because I did not log in for a few weeks. This is totally frustrating because the links on my sites become invalid then I got to go back and update all that shit on my sites. Which is something I have yet to get around to, so all the people who sent me emails about the dead links, I am sorry, I am going to try and sort that out this weekend. I have just started using Media Fire which I got to say is off the hizzle! I am quite proud to say that there are no paid posts on this site and when I do pimp shit it is because I really like it. Not only is the service free, but you can also upload up to 100MB per file. I could put my movies online with no hassles! Media file is directly linked to My Space and Facebook so you can share files on those platforms really easily plus they provide a variety of other options to share files and pictures. The email option is really cool because you can just send people a link to your gallery where they can view and even download your pictures or you can embed links and galleries in your website. What I like most about Media Fire though is the layout and presentation of their website. It only takes a second to create an account that does not require any verification, only making a user name and password to access your files. The format is so user friendly and simple to operate. I am seriously lovin it. So as far as online file hosting goes, I have to say that Media Fire is the best option I have come across to date and I am giving them my stamp of approval. If you can find anything better, holla at me.

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