Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nokia E51

Since I lost my handy N95 last month I have been using the Motorola something or the other. In the beginning it was a real bitch getting used to the keypad and functions but I think I have finally got the hang of it. Nonetheless I still have all my contact info saved in some sort of Nokia format so I want to switch back to the Nokia. And since using the N95 I have become too used to the email features. I feel so lost now that I cannot download my work mails at will. But once again I must admit that I am useless with phones and I do not deserve an expensive hone so I went for the cheapest Nokia option with an email feature which is the E51…

Being the cheapest option does in no way insure that this phone is cheap. In fact this puppy has set me back close to US$300 at the Dubai Duty Free. After the week I have had here splurging on clod beers and fresh cocktails this comes as a heavy blow to my finances. The E51 comes in a very sleek black box. Once popped the only elements in clear view are the handset and the USB cable.

Below the minimalistic display the box contains a ton of shit that will come in handy at some point, like the battery for instance. I believe I have to charge this sucks for at least 6 hours before I can put it to any use at all. They also included a 1 GB memory card, the really small type with an adaptor. I must admit that the Nokia kits are well complete and they are probably the most user friendly brands on the market. I am gonna stick with this set for as long as I can.

At the moment it is 6 am and I am once again chilling at the pub in the Dubai airport waiting for my flight to Ghana. I have not slept all night whci seemed like a really good idea until about 4am. I am fuckying struggling to keep my eyes open and on the screen. Aloha.

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