Friday, April 25, 2008

Black is the New Green

Last week I reflected a bit about how I could improve myself and enhance the quality of life that I am living by using ‘The Wheel of Character Development’. I don’t know if it is a genuine effort on my part to live up to my own expectations or a desperate attempt to balance out the scales karma has tipping heavily against my favor. Whatever the cause be, we cannot disagree that the outcome of any such efforts would lead to positive outcomes. So enough of this psychoanalytical babble. I realized there was something I left out of my list of areas I need to improve my way of life in. I need to do more for the environment. Ok so I don’t drive a car right now but saying that I am genuinely and intentionally taking any steps towards making the planet a greener place would be a lie. As soon as I have figured this city out and I can afford a car, I will get one. But now I need to remind myself to buy a hybrid. I still leave the lights on when I am not in a room; I leave my computer on overnight, and love hot water. I am a fucking sinner. I will burn in hell. But I remembered today that I had come across a Google home page that was totally black about a year ago. They stated there that by using this blacked out Google you could actually be saving the planet is some small way. So I looked up the page and found Blackle the energy saving search engine that is powered by Google. I spend loads of time on Google; as a matter of fact it was my home page. But now I have switched to Blackle. It was a minimal effort but every journey begins with the first step, so go ahead and hop on the band wagon if you buy this energy saving theory. I have gone as far as to make my whole blog black as a testament to my commitment to be a greener person. This weekend I am even going to try and redesign the Indo Dreamin Home Page to be more energy efficient. Plus it is a lot easier on the eyes to read white words on a dark computer screen because a white screen is essentially light shining into your eyes. That makes sense I guess. So here I am again, knockin on heaven’s door.

PS. How do you like the new look?

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