Monday, May 12, 2008

The Big Chomp Challenge

I have mentioned more than once here that probably the first blog I ever read was Sixth Seal. This must have been at least 4 years ago and since then the author has pulled a few disappearing acts. But I was stoked to find out last week that PHB is back on his original domain. He wrote a post recently inspired by a marketing game called ‘The Big Chant Challenge’ that McDonalds has going on in his home town of Sibu in Malaysia. Customers of the food chain are invited to attempt saying the Big Mac slogan, ‘Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun’ within 4 seconds. If they do I am assuming they get a free ice cream or something. Sixth Seal turned up the heat by inventing his own version of the game called ‘The Big Chomp Challenge’ where you have 4 seconds in which to devour an entire Big Mac hamburger. Well he did attempt it and posted a video of his endeavor. Consuming an entire Big Mac is not only as impossible as it sounds, but also a completely ridiculous and idiotic task to take on, a foolish challenge that only the most jobless human beings would consider accepting. The moment I saw this post I could not wait to take a shot at the cup, and I also managed to convince 2 of my mates to take the ‘Big Chomp Challenge’ with me.

If you are in China and the video does not show up the you can watch the You Tube video here. There is a bonus segment in the video featuring the ‘The Fastest Mouth in China’. This man can talk faster than any other person I have heard on this planet so we had to let him take a shot at ‘The Big Chant Challenge’. I even had to slow the clip down to time him accurately so there are no tricks here. As you can see I have also taken clips of the editing process where I broke his attempt down into frames. Brother Ro managed to complete the Big Mac Chant in just 2.04 seconds. This you just have to see for yourself to believe it. I thought he might have missed out some words but in the slow motion clip you can see he actually stops to inhale! With the right training I am sure he could shave a good 30 milliseconds off his time. If only this was an Olympic event. Welcome back Sixth Seal.

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