Friday, May 23, 2008

Blowin' Time

I should have already had one wikid night in Macau and I will be nursing my hangover by the pool at the Wynn as this post comes up. So if I am not busy at work then I do not see any reason for you to be either. I across an awesome website last week with more simple games to help you dwindle those hours away I the office when you are stuck behind the PC, just not in the mood to deal with the Babylon System. Here are a few of the ones that kept my mind occupied.

Paper Plane

This is the most ridiculous sounding game but it is so fucking addictive. It is developed for marketing by some Flight Simulator game company. Basically the point is to throw this paper plane as far across the room as possible by flicking you mouse just the right way. You start off at one end of the office and it took me a good hour of going at the game to make my way to the other end of the room where I saw a window. So this is the goal for you, to get the airplane through the window and then the fun starts. And by fun I mean to get to see some cool flash animation.

Picasso Head

If you are feeling artistic then this is a good pass time. Drag and drop pre-drawn elements on to a canvas and make your own abstract art portrait. I only got my kicks off this one for a very short while. But hey, different strokes for different folks I guess.

Find the Stars

As simple as this game may seem, it the most awesome implication of Flash I have seen to desktop games as yet. There are numerous levels in which you have to find a hidden star. In some cases it is as easy as dragging your mouse across the screen and in others you actually have to solve a puzzle of sorts. This is magnificent fun and I have not been able to finish al the levels as you can see.

Drop Chick

This is kinda silly, unless like me you want to watch some girl falling and smashing into round things on the way down. Plus you can pick her up at point from various parts of her body and flail her around like a rag doll. Nothing sexual going on here, just another really pointless game. If you are feeling sorry for me, please save your pity for the guy who created this game.

Ball Puzzle

If you have an addictive personality and like fucking around with puzzles, then I warn you now, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. You will get sucked in to the hundreds of challenging levels where you have to simply put the ball in the hole. It took me a while to figure out that you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. But once you got that down, its smooth sailing. Just be ready to get a whooping from your boss and to have you deadlines blown to bits.


This is awesome. Gad has his own chat room! It is actually fun to ask God different questions and see the answers he comes up with. The programmer has put some pretty cocky stuff in there. You will run into a few glitches but over all this program is a really good laugh and I am sure there are tons of responses to uncover. For example ask God the question, ‘do you fuck’, then follow up to his response with ‘yes’, then after his next response you say ‘you made me this way’. Don’t even ask me how I figured this one out. Some of the other responses are really funny too. Ask God if he/she is a man or woman. Ask anything actually, just watch your spelling. I think I like God…

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