Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Am Not Here

I have tried out the new feature on Blogger that allows you to prepare posts that will be posted automatically at the time and date you set them for. So far there have been no flaws. So if everything is still working as promised, I am in Macau right now. This is a trip I have been coordinating for at least 2 months now and everything was going smooth until about 2 weeks ago. You see my younger cousin is getting married next month in Indo. And I was planning this weekend in Macau as his bachelor’s party. He was going to show up to the airport in Jakarta to pick up a client who he thought was coming in, but then when he got there he would meet all our friends who would already have been in possession of his passport and clothes. They were going to throw him on a plane and fly his ass into Macau. Once in Macau we had a fantastic weekend planned that was going to commence with a Bungee Jump from the top of Macau Tower. This would of course symbolize his leap of faith into marriage. The rest of the weekend was all planned out with lavish meals at top notch restaurants, afternoon spa sessions, ample time around gambling tables, VIP bookings at the hottest clubs, and even an afternoon on the go-cart track. But he had some important event come up with work and he can’t get away this weekend. So the plan dissolved. But now that the rest of the crew already got non-refundable tickets there was no use of them going to waste. So we are meeting up in Macau anyways to celebrate Inny’s wedding. Sorry you can’t be here with us brother, but I will do everything that you were not allowed to do, and probably will never ever, ever ever ever, have the option of doing again.

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