Monday, June 09, 2008

Back on Da Island

Om Swastiyastu! I have been in about 5 cities over the last 3 days and now I am finally back on Bali. I shoud be back for about a week or 2. I am spending a few days in house near all the madness the city has to offer. But it is a totally Balinese spot with the open air living room and everything. It felt so good to see the stars in the sky tonight. I forget they were actually there.

And how awesome is it when you run into frogs in your bathroom instead of cocroaches? This little fogger was only about as small as my largest toe. Got a crazy family reunion comming up around the corner. Its gonna be fucking awesome. Oh yeah, and a wedding. Its all about dodging bullets now while my aunts try to sell my soul. Let the games begin!

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