Friday, June 06, 2008

Funky Duck

So here I am, in some atomomous region of China once again. I'd love o say where but big brother is watching. Yes, I get more paranoid with everyday that passes. So if you have been following my recent misadventures you would have seen my experience with the bee's for lunch, and read about the fish eye for dinner. Well today they just turned it up a notch when they served this.

I had to shoot the picture with my cell phone so it is not too clear. But in case you cant tell, that IS a plate of little birds grilled to perfection. They were coated in a thick brown sauce as well. Thier eyes were grilled to so they just stared up at me with these plack eyes sunk into a scorched grey skull.

They were grilled stiff so the baby bird did not flop around when I picked it up by its neck using my chop sticks. It looked just like a those birds you see in documentaries or cartoons that reach up out of the nest to grab food from thier mothers beaks. Tastey little foggers.

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