Thursday, July 10, 2008

123 Inn - Ningbo

When I am not writing about shit I see, do, or eat, and when I am not making coming up with new projects like movies or stencils, I am usually on the road trying to money to pay alimony for all those seeds I have been spreading over the years. No one has caught up with me yet but I know it’s only a matter of time before I get sandbagged by a herd of little Indo Dreamers looking for their fair share of the game. The last week has been a bit crazy but now I am in Ningbo with an evening to kill, which is one of my most favorite places in China. I have written numerous posts about this city. This time I am staying at a new establishment called the 123 Inn. It is not in the heart of the city or anything, in fact the location is quite crappy, but for $20 US it is quite a good deal. Plus I am not really here on a leisure trip. So this place was completed sometime earlier this year. The design is quit modern minimalist. I can appreciate some of the elements like this lighting in front of the elevator.

The unique style of this Inn carries from the lobby right through to the corridors on the residential floors. And because the structure is still new, it is also still quite clean. But as will most cheap hotels anywhere in the world, the smell of funk wastes no time to settle in.

The room is small. Actually it’s fucking tiny. I almost walked into the bed when I opened the door. And when I stepped back I accidently ended up in the shower stall. As I pulled a 180 to get out of there I found myself knee to face with the commode. It took some minor acrobatic skills on my part to reach the desk and plug in my laptop to the free internet port. You see, no matter how small a hotel is in china, they hook you up with free internet. It’s the large hotels that are ripping us off.

The sink, toilet, and shower are all part of this one room. It reminds me of a really strange plastic hotel I once spent a night in when I was in Paris. Very futuristic at the time. This set up is a lot better than a lot of the places I have stayed in China so I am not complaining, but if I was sharing this room with any colleagues we would be very intimate before the trip was over. Especially taking into account the horribly spicy food we ate last night. None the less, even on my own I am aiming not to take a shit until I am ready to leave the room in the morning.

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