Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beirut Express - London

If you are in London and looking for good Arabic food, the best place to go would be Edgware Road.

The street is lined with numerous restaurants and cafes. As you walk along the sidewalks all you can smell is cooking meat and sheesha tobacco. Edgeware road is kind of like a mini-city within a city. My personal favorite restaurant here is Beirut Express. It is a branch of the very famous Maroush chain that owns numerous outlets and even a deli.

It goes without saying that the Beirut Express have thier own grill spits. Do not even concider eating in a place that does not. One spit has lamb and the other chicken. You can smell the meat roasting.

Between 2 of us we ordered the mixed shawarma plate with both lamb and chicken. It was out of this world. The garlic sauce on the left and chili sauce on the right were perfect compliments.

And as if that was not already enough, we orderd som hummus as well. Now let me tell you, I have eaten hummus all over the world, for mor years than you would imagine. But I have never had hummus as perfect as this. It was perfectly blended with lemon and mint! Heavenly.

So far in London, enjoying the food, atmosphere, and people. I really love the culture out here. Wish I did not have to come back.

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