Thursday, August 14, 2008

HP - 520 (FH 92AA) Laptop Computer

I have been having a lot of hassles with my old Samsung laptop computer lately. Although I love its massive 17" monitor and slim design, the HDD had just crashed on me one too many times. Its been about 3 years since I got that bad boy so it is about time I laid him to rest. But in all fairness he still runs pretty good so I might just reformat the whole fogger and use it as a desktop at home. In the meantime for travel purposes, I need to pick up something new. I am not really tech savvy so I asked some friends and relatives for advise. Based on that I decided to go for the HP-520.

I am not a person who likes to mill around a dozen shops before choosing the product I am going to take home. Sometimes my callus attitude leaves me in a regrettable position but overall I can live with my choices. This puppy is basically something I need to travel with, somewhere to check email and blog from. So my only initial concerns where the size of the HDD (so I can store pictures) and the speed. At 120GB HDD and 1GB of RAM I am expecting some smooth sailing. I believe it has a dual core processor too, whatever that is. The touch pad for the mouse is cool too. I hate those little nipple things they have on the Toshiba's. The touch pad on the HP-520 is just a grooved plastic panel so I don't have to worry about getting it dirty or anything. And for a 14' laptop I have to say that the keys are very nicely sized, even for my big ass fingers.

I hate to hang around in shops and bargain. I have friends that would be all up in my face if they knew how hastily I purchase electronics. I pretty much had my budget, and my aim is to get somthing I like within that budget, and if I get any extras, thats a perk. So I scored the HP-250 for only RMB4500, thats about US$650. The guy also threw in a HP mouse and back pack for me.

I am pretty content with the size of the laptop and the functions I have seen so far. Like I said, this is just something to pass around the office. But I am excited to have it in hand. It really sucks to travel with a malfunctioning unit or with no laptop at all. Now all I have to do is purchase thousands of dollars worth of certified original software so I can have all the cool programs to play with. I am heading to my nearest official dealership immediately.