Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mombasa Wood Fired Pizza

Mombasa is a town of mixed cultures with strong Portuguese, Indian, and Italian influences. While most locals are accustomed to eating chapatti and chai for breakfast and having biryani for dinner, tourists staying on the coasts might bind that the most easily and readily available food available to them is pizza. I love pizza, and I have said many times that if I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be pizza, so I was pretty stoked to be in Mombasa. No self respecting restaurant or hotel there is without their own pizza oven. I was staying at the Sarova White Sands Resort where they had their own brick oven pizza corner called Sabbia Bianca.

The Sarova White Sands Resort on the North Coast of Mombasa is quite massive. They have a pretty long stretch of private beach plus 5 swimming pools features high dive boards and an awesome waterside. So staying there you would spend most of your time moving between the beaches and pools, or if you are a total knob you would be watching the television in your room. In either case though having an in house pizza delivery system fucking rocks. Especially when your pizza can be cooked in 7 minutes flat!

I consumed more pizza's on my 5 day stint at the resort than I care to admit. But by the woman that birthed me, this pizza was off the fucking chain. There is nothing I love more than a fresh brick oven baked pizza made with quality ingredients. This here is with parma ham and rocket. Perfect combo.

My other favorite was the Onion Crust Pizza. You can be at any location in the resort and pretty much have a pizza at your side within 15 minutes. With cold beer. Life does not get much better than that mate.

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