Friday, September 12, 2008

16 Hours in Dubai - U.A.E

A couple of weeks ago I landed up in Dubai for about 16 hours. I managed to get in touch with a few friends who I had not seen in a while and they agreed to put me up for the night. I got in at about 5 that evening and was scheduled to back at the airport by 9 am the next morning. Needless to say, we did not end up sleeping that night. After chilling out at home and talking story for a few hours, we went to to the Irish Village where they were celebrating the Hop Fest 2008.

It was hot as hell outside but the organizers constructed this massive tent which was pretty well air conditioned. There was a huge crowd, live bands, and loads of bars serving every beer you could think of. The music was pretty awesome but I found the crowd a little bit strange. It was just a very diverse group that did not seem to be mixing so well. I would not say it was a racist environment, but there was definitely an oil and water situation going on. But I only needed one cold beer to get me going and soon after, nothing else mattered.

Unfortunately the party was over before it even began and by 1am they were closing things up. But another friend of ours had hooked things up at a pretty hot club so we went down there to check it out. Clubs in Dubai are pretty anal about allowing single guys into clubs. Fortuantly we ran into a group of Lebanese chicks who did not mind escorting us in, once they knew we had a table in the VIP of course. Buts that's just how the game goes.

There is nothing like catching up with my boys from back home, especially when it is one of these random visits. And what makes it even better is when you have an insane night out that was totally unplanned and you can throw down just like you did back in the day. I had not seen these fools a in at least 3 years and it was as if we had not even skipped a beat. And on top of it all I love to see that my mates are still out there doing there shit, and balling when they can. Life is good. 16 hours in Dubai is more than enough for me.

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