Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Montana Colors

I recently scored some Montana Colors for my graffiti stencils. This is another example of how a company can home in on a product for a particular market and perfect that product for the end user. And in this case for spray paints made just for artists. The guys at Montana were rejected by larger paint manufacturers when they approached them to develop products for street painters. Today Montana Colors has their own plants in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Check out this short video about their challenges and eventual success.

I only picked up 3 colors cause I did not know if customs would allow me to carry them in my suitcase. In retrospect I should have picked up a lot more and better colors. The cool thing about these colors as well is that they make a full range of one color so if you are doing a multiple layer in shades of brown, you can pick up your base color and the darker and lighter tones to use for shading. The composition of the other paints is also different so they supposedly work better as layers.

I am not very knowledgeable about this stuff, but right off the bat I like the finishing of these paints better than the usual stuff I buy from the hardware stores here. You can see these is a satin smooth finish on the paint as it settles nice and thick on the surface. The cans are a lot more comfortable to hold as well and the spray can be controlled better too. I really wish I had more to experiment and learn with right now.

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