Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emirates Terminal 3 - Dubai

It's 6am and I am kicking back in the business lounge at the new Emirates Terminal in the Dubai Airport. I always thought the Dubai airport was kind of shitty, considering how modern and blinged out other structures in the city are. And I was expecting this new terminal to be off the chain, but sadly its just biasa. They have a few more branded stores here but overall, its just the same. The architecture is nothing to write home about, in fact its not even worth taking out my camera for. But the business class lounge is massive. I cant get a straight answer out of anybody regarding how big this place is but there are tables, couches, and lounge chairs all over the place. And this area is open to Silver Skywards members too. There is no way in hell I would ever pay for a business or first class ticket. I would rather spend $10 on a packet of Tramal than $1000 on an upgrade. I just spent 9 hours on a plane coming here and it was a breeze thanks to the meds. Now I am sitting here sipping chilled champagne convincing myself not to buy myself a pair of aviators. I got another 9 hour leg ahead of me and I am looking forward to being back on a plane. 

The floor plan of this new terminal has not strayed far from the others. The building is still just a long strip with shops on either side. Every now and then you walk past some flashy car that's part of a lottery draw. There is a new lottery on offer though for $5,000,000. That's right. and they are only selling 5,000 tickets. How much does each one of those suckers cost? $1,300. I would rather drop that on a roulette table. At least that way I get an hour of entertainment and some free drinks. I have spent thousands of dollars on these Dubai Airport lotteries over the years and I have never won shit. I think its about time I throw the towel in on this one. 

So I am going to be in West Africa for the next couple of weeks. Although I will be pinned down with work, I am positive the weekends will be fun. It's been so fucking long since I have seen the ocean. 

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