Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gallery 1950 x Original Fake Ashtray

Here is another sick collaboration from Kaws/Original fake with Gallery 1950. Kaws is doing some really wikid designs with brands across the board including names like Nike and Marc Jacobs. He is one of the few street artists that has managed to take his skills from being viewed as vandalism to being respected as POP art. Check out his gear here. It has taken Kaws over 20 years of strategical placing his work around New York and other large cities before his style was actually recognized and then eventually appreciated. Make no mistake, this guy is no one hit wonder. His style has developed beautifully from 2 dimensional street art, to a massive variety of street wear collaborations, vinyl toys, and as you can see here, even ashtrays. This shit is normally a bitch to get hold of even in cities Like London and Tokyo, but somehow a friend of mine managed to find this here in Guangzhou. In its original packing!!! What a treat... I am still convincing him to sell it to me.

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