Friday, December 19, 2008

Allopurinol 300mg Tablets

I am poppin' these suckers daily. Allopurinol keeps uric acid from synthesizing in my blood and as long as keep taking my doses, I should not have to deal with any more gout. The last attack was bad. It happened while I was in West Africa, working. I usually have to make long road trips between places and it came right in the middle of one of my treks. Every bump the car hit I could feel my brain thump against my skill. I cant even describe what my foot felt like. It came to that point where it was just me and my mind. Where i was at the time though I just had to bite down and do what had to be done. After 3 days I felt like I had aged 3 months. Without access to any real drugs, I had no choice but to explore alternative treatments. An associate of mine suggested 'Pranik Healing'. I do not know too much about it but when I have a clearer mind I am going to explore it. He treated me that night and the next day the pain was at least 75% gone. But I am not sold just yet. The day before that I had taken a heavy dose of Colchicine. Colchicine is an effective treatment for nipping a gout attack in the bud, right when you begin to feel the ache. Rather than gradually maintain low levels of uric acid in the blood stream, it directly attacks the affected joint. But that relief comes at a heavy price. Colchicine is fucking poison. It is an emergency resolution. It has some fucked up side effects which include diarrhea. It kicks in 24 hours after the dose, starting with low rumbles in the tummy. Then the term liquid motion is truly defined. I could not pop those fuckers right when I knew the attack was coming. I had to wait till I knew that I would be at a comfortable shitter within the next 24 hours. I timed that pill, I took a chance, and I am relieved to say that there were no accidents. 

I have no problems with popping pills. In fact, looking back at my life one might wonder if I get off on it. So why not just make popping these pills a habit. If they had even a light kick I would have no problem, even tic-tacs have a buzz to them, but these pills are so bland. I have always viewed the gout as my penance, and now I wonder if I can tackle the hell I made. These pills make keeping the regiment not so tough. Allopurinol actually has the days of the week printed on the back of the blister pack so you remember to take your pills daily. Its like playing a game, popping a pill for each day of the week. I have not missed a dose this week, but that's going to get old real soon. Every pill should come with a comic strip so each day I have a reason to take the dose. Or even better, it could be a hallucinogenic comic strip, so each time I pop a pill I can close my eyes and for 5 minutes retreat into a world like St.Peppers Lucy in the Sky. But these pills are so bland. To health, and keeping it green. 

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