Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Whole New Year...

Again, posts have been few and far between. I had some friends visiting me from Ghana which was awesome. It gave me a chance to explore area's of the city that I did not have a chance to do before because I got pretty bored of venturing out alone, and its not easy to come by people who are willing to go anywhere and eat anything. At first I was worried that my mates would hate the local food and want to eat at McDonald's everyday. But they represented Ghana well and even experimented with dishes I had never had the balls to order. There were parties, there was booze. Too much drinking in fact. The binge drinking is really taking its toll now. Hangovers have never been worse. But its not time for a lifestyle change just yet. Being in China I worked though most of the holiday season. Our holidays will come at the end of this month and then, I'm going home. Its been almost a year since I was back in JKT. I am looking forward to spending some time with the kids then hitting off to Bali for a few weeks. Indodreamin' has finally secured a property in Bali, our own little footprint in the sand. Its just a little ruko not too far from the airport, but its a start. I actually opened the office there in 2008 but this year I plan to actually get some fun projects going. I am pretty skeptical about how business will hold up in 2009 but I am not really worried. So far most of the trouble seems to be in America and Europe. West Africa is still my playground. It would be nice to meet a nice girl this year, that should start with me making an effort to get into a semi-serious relationship. I am really bad at this stuff so I dont even know where to start. Health is another issue I got to take seriously this year. I did quit smoking cigarettes almost 2 years ago but recently I am smoking enough green to compensate for that. I need a new camera, a good one actually. Java Jive got one for sale that looks decent. I checked it out online and the reviews say the Canon 5D is suitable for amateurs. I have accepted that I have no natural talent so I need a good camera that is going to make my pictures look half decent. No more fucking around with those manual settings. The work load is going to pick up this year as well which means a lot less time for blogging but I will try to start on a writing project. All these plans!!! Then you die in a car crash crash, what the hell is it worth?

Update: I have uploaded the new front page on www.indodreamin.com. It is just the framework of what I hope to work on over the vacation.

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