Friday, November 05, 2010

MAROX Grill - Togo

During my last tour of duty in West Africa, while driving through Lome we were looking for a restaurant called Morox. Back in the 80's, the French still had a steady flow of money coming into west Africa and Togo was far more modern than Ghana. As kids we would go across the border with our families to hit the beach and to sample fine French cuisine. Morox was an institution in its own right, serving up some of the best grilled meats on the coast, being most well known for their pork knuckle. Not a very fancy place but the food spoke for itself. I was not confident that Marox would still exist but my friend was persistent and hungry, so we eventually found the spot and were stoked to see the grill smoking.

Rather than wolf down the pork knuckles and continue on our 6 hour road trip, we opted to half grill the meat then get back home and finish them up on the BBQ pit with the rest of our mates. This of course meant having to smell the juicy pork all the way back to Accra. But we did fill up on their grilled beef and chicken steaks.

While sipping on some traditional Togolese beer called Awooyo.

It would have been awesome if I could have taken pictures of the pork knuckles when we finally got them home and finished them up on the grill. But in Ghana we have a saying, 'chop time no friend'... In American that translates to 'you snooze you loose'. With more than 6 hungry mouths drooling over the meat as it sizzled on the grill, there was no time to even click a picture before every pound of flesh was devoured.

If you pass through Togo and have no beef with the swine, you would be a damn fool not to seek out Marox and sample their menu.

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