Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WIN by DESIGN - 2010

In an effort to boost innovation amongst local Chinese manufacturers, the local government has been sponsoring an annual design fair in Guangzhou. WIN by DESIGN 2010 was marketed as a branding and packaging exhibition, but I was disappointed to see the actual exhibitors. Apart from a few book stores selling related literature, there were no booths that specialized in innovative packaging design. There was a lot of influence and assistance from Dutch design companies, funded by the government and Heineken of course. There were also what seemed to be some new product designs, but compared to the mechanical output of this country, innovation and design are being left far behind. How many generations will have to pass before we can witness some truly original ideas.

Tony Hawk RIDE...

Another use for wasted bottles? Nahhhh.. This is LAME!

Super Fat dude, he looks a little bit like Arnie. Is this a statement about American consumption? Check out the detail on his small penis..

One of the few things I personally enjoyed were the furniture designs.

This Wing Chair is amazing!!

Not an amazing turnout. Most of the visits I saw were art students.

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