Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kill Your TV!!!

Saturday afternoon in Jakarta and I aint got fuck all to do. I could sit in front of the TV flippin channels, or play games on my Play Station but I don't want to plant myself in front of the box. Not that sitting in front of my lap top is a polar alternative. I want to make a conscious effort to watch less TV. I have been too far sucked into mindless reality shows and caught up in the lives of fictitious characters on Orange County and the Sopranos. I have become a victim of the system.

All Jakarta really has to offer in terms of entertainments is movies, malls, clubbing, etc… I don't want to plant my self on a bar stool at 3 pm and start again where I left off 12 hours ago. I am only 12 steps away from becoming a raging alcoholic. Most of my good buddies are all married now or have moved away to other countries. One just took off today. You know who you are you bastards! The beach is too far to drive to and no one is up for a spontaneous road trip. Is this concrete jungle getting the best of me or am I just having some post vacation blues? Either way, I hope this inner revolution lasts and I don't fold back into my routine life style over night.

Tonight there is supposed to be some bad ass guitar player jammin the blues at Star Deli in Kemang so I guess I am gonna hit that shit up. For the time being I am gonna see if any of my boys are up for a little wake boarding session. Am I the only person who needs o be active after a heavy night of drinkin? There is a small lake in the city where they have wake boarding. Extreme Café is the only spot in the country, to my knowledge, that has wake boarding. The Danau Sunter isn't the freshest water you will see. In fact most will testify that it is quite nasty but that is just more incentive not to wipe out. I been in there and I am still reletivly healthy. Surf's up kids, I'm outa here.


Anonymous said...

hallo avi,

yr one to say "Kill yr TV", foolish boy, do you know that you have gotten me addicted to The OC after watching Season 1 with you in jakarta... yeah, i have even gotten the tune "California, California....!" as my mobile ring tone.

Bet yr dying to know how Season 2 tunrs out eh? Should i reveal? Let me tell you though, that Seth is a champ and Ryan is just a wannabe bad boy, and Sandy aint your good old do-gooder no more.

peace bro...rishtafari

(keep up the good posts, ive read all yr posts, and so have a handful of my friends that you havent met before, dunno why more people havent commented, except for that confused and egocentric Irafath guy who likes to call himself Sir.

Avi said...

Damn it, and season 2 has not even come out here yet!! Well, I am still holding strong to less TV motto but its getting hard dude. i am getting withdrwawal symptoms. I dreamt about sethalah last night.

AmitD said...

Yo dawg... I finally got to read your blogs and look at your pics... Nice ladies you hanging out with my friend. I will be there tomorrow to take some of them off your hands ok?
You my friend were always the expressive and poetic type which is wicked so I'm glad you have found a medium to share your thoughts with the whole wide world. Just don't ramble on and on ok? Reading too much on the screen starts draining whatever brains I have left.
Keep em coming dawg... and keep the beer cold for me. I'll be there soon.

Amit aka Smallzzzzzzzzzzz