Friday, April 29, 2005

To Sir Irafath With Respects...

This post is in rebuttal to a comment posted in this link, 2 comments under “Bush Pisses Me Off Again”.

Dear Sir Irafath,

I truly do appreciate your input and have spent last night trying to “marinate” on your thoughts. But sadly I have to say that all your thoughts and comments are so broad and non-direct that they come off as being only pretentious and arrogant. No offence buddy but where in all your thoughts is there any form of justification for the competitive sale of F-16 and F-18 jets by America to Pakistan and India? This was the reason for my rant in the first place. Let’s go through it one by one so I can get a better understanding here.

1. In your first point you only affirm that war is senseless, which we can both agree on. Although I do believe there are certain instances where we have no choice but to raise arms, none the less, senseless. But I don’t see what direction you are taking beyond that.

2. Point number two, I will grant that Ms. Rice is a smart cookie. I mean she would not be where she is today if she were a beer drinkin slob like me. But honestly cuz; who is America to define freedom? Why should I only be free to do what they tell me? Isn’t that what we call an oxymoron or something? She talks of rivalry creating anarchy but without opposition they will be the ultimate dictator. What is so great about the American way of life and their so called freedom? Hell, I rather live out in the 3rd world because I have more freedom here. This is definitely arguable as we all have our own measurements and definitions of freedom so I will leave that at that. But let’s not leave it up to Dubya to tell us what freedom is.

3. Tony Blair once said, and I heard this on the radio many years ago when the words just struck me and wedged in my mind. I do not remember the exact quote but it essence he said, Africa will remain a scar on the face of humanity and the world, that will continue to fester until treated. Now this might not be exactly what he said but I am just trying to make the point that I think Tony is a good leader and his heart is in the right place, but once again what point are you trying make with this reference? All I can say to this is as above, America can not be the supreme being and controller of our rights and freedoms. We need the Frances, and the Germany’s to stand up and say, NO, we do not want to join your war. With one polar power who is going to make the choices, the one with the most bombs’ and strongest economy? If the Republicans win again which cowboy will find his way into the White House to determine our futures? Maybe Jeb can get in so the Bush’s can fatten their pockets yet further.

4. I don’t think I understand this one at all but what I gather you are saying here is that it was predicted in Sept 2001 that the US would not involve themselves in a war out side their borders unless there was a “threat of a peer competitor”. Well I did not see any such threat when the US went all guns blazing into Iraq. So what point are you trying to make here?

5. It will be decades or maybe even centuries before such a merging of civilizations can occur. But until then, what about the world’s lesser advanced states? Is enough being done to bring them up to speed? But that’s not we are talking about right now.

6. I guess with this last quote you are trying to tie it all in by saying that we all different and have different opinions and we always will. So all the stuff you wrote above that was just various different ways to look at the situation. I might be wrong though. Like I said before, I am not too bright and I ain’t no mind reader. So fill me in.

I didn’t really get any idea of what YOU FEEL about the current situation that you refer to as “an important subject”. You have given me a number of ways of how to look at the situation but in all honesty they have no relevance at all to what I was harping on about. I think you need to start looking at the world through your own eyes and develop your own ideas and not have to refer to the perceptions of Tony Blair and Condi Rice. I am curious as to what you actually think about what I wrote and not how you think I should view the current situation. And comparing my so called “entertaining” writing to FOX new channel? Dude, I do not claim to be a world news leader.

That aside you also say that my thoughts are “unfounded and hardly backed up” but no where do actually point out what is unfounded? Please tell me that all the articles I referred to are fictitious and I will retract my post. Justify this action America has taken to me. Educate me man, but don’t try to alter my perception with quotations that have no relevance whatsoever to my post. Honestly I do appreciate the feedback and do hope to hear from you again, but I am gonna take it easy with the political posts from now on cause this is just draining me.

My final thought…. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, every-thing would appear as it is, infinite". – William Blake

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Anonymous said...

Mr/Ms. Avi,

I am sorry if my comments have annoyed you, I did sense a strong defensiveness bordering on anger in your reaction to my comment. Please know that this was not my intention, I read through your initial post thinking to myself that this gentleman/madam obviously has no knowledge of the theories of international relations (Realism, Liberalism, World Systems Theory, etc...) and could use some knowledge of them to put a more cohesive argument together. Forgive me if what you were hoping for was a reaction to your personal feelings on arms trade, cold wars, and profiteering opportunists, that would take us nowhere. What would take us somewhere is if we tried to understand what are the broader motives behind such actions (In this sense International relations is somewhat like the psychology of political actions).

I was hoping too that you wouldnt mind a bit of a sparr in the way i wrote to you, but that was a bad decision on my part as i can see that you are somewhat mad at the world and not me, bush, blair, or the web. I do hope though that you do take an interest in what international relations is really about, nourish the theories that have held water over the years, then decide for yourself how you feel about events and situations, it will truly make a difference to you.

My humble regards...Sir Irafath