Friday, April 29, 2005

Villa Hening Bali

During my most recent trip to Bali, I opted to rent a room in a Villa rather that stay in a conventional hotel. I find hotels very cold and impersonal. I spent a few weeks hitting out some emails and checking out a number of offers I found online. You would be surprised how many Villa’s are up for rent on Bali and that can actually be let out per room. And the longer you stay, the cheaper the rates get. After much deliberation I decided to go with Villa Hening. They had a very attractive website but it did not prove to be as informative as I wished. I gathered from the information posted that Villa Hening was a large house with a number of self contained rooms that were being rented out per unit. I spoke to management and secured myself the cheapest room which was posted on the web site for $80 a night but I ended up paying Rp.900,000 a night, including breakfast and airport transfers. This is more than $80 with the current Rupiah rate at around 9,500 but the published rates were outdated.

Upon arrival at the Bali airport, I was received by the hotel manager, Mr. Hendra. He was a very gracious man with a gentle nature about him. We talked story as he drove me up to the Villa and I learned that he had only been living in Bali for 2 years, and was managing the Villa from a friend of his based in Surabaya. I also inquired weather my rental car had been delivered to the hotel which he confirmed and also offered to drive me or pick me up whenever or where ever I felt incapacitated to drive for my self. I think he smelled the booze on my breath or caught the twinkle in my eye as we drove past the pubs. However, I informed him I did not require his assistance there as I am a fucking awesome driver.

Villa Hening is located in the area of Jimban Hills. To get there, one would have to drive towards Nusa Dusa, passing the Mc Donald’s in Jimbaran, after which one would take the second U turn and then the first left after the fuel station. From there it is about a five minute drive up the dark hill until you see a sign for Villa Hening on the left, and head into the complex towards the subtle lights. The frontage of the Villa was quite simple and I did not know what to expect. The surrounding area was over grown with lush green bushes. There was a narrow driveway all along the frontage so we got out and literally stepped into the reception which was a small open area and I was handed keys, as if I had just come home.

I was told that I was the only guest to be staying there this week and I would have the whole house to myself. I was given access to all the facilities including the bar, pool, gym, sauna, and home theater. They took me into the main house and the view was breath taking. The lighting was perfect and this place truly had a homely feeling. After finishing my welcome drink I heading outside the house and down to my Villa which shared a wall with the house but had its own private access.

I did not manage to get pictures of all the rooms in the house but trust me when I say they were PHAT!!! For the price I paid I actually got a t bedroom Villa with a living room and kitchen. Check out the pictures. If you are ever heading to Bali and looking for a cheap getaway then this is the place. It is not close to the party district of Kuta but taxi’s are on call.

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