Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hallucinogenic Toreador - Salvador Dali

This is by for my favorite painting by Salvador Dali. Although I have enjoyed a lot of his work, and continue to, for some reason I have always been partial to this piece. As you view it there are a few things I want you to notice. Check out the bosom of the Venus statues that descend back into the pictures. Tty and notice how the breast is also a nose with a mouth below it. As the image moves closer the mouth is opening as if to speak. Also notice in the bottom left hand corner is the bull. To see the painting so small will hardly do justice but you can be on the look out for posters of it now. There is so much more going on in there.

How many nights I have spent mesmerized by this painting always seeing something new and different. Maybe on occasion I saw something that was not even intended by the artist just cause I was trippin but that’s the miracle of Dali. His mind worked on a level that I could never reach even with the aid of all the psychedelics in the world. And you don’t have to be high to get down with his paintings. In my opinion, that man was not of this world. How can the human brain work on such a level? Ah well, enjoy.

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