Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Temptations of a False God - John Pitre

When I was living back in Hawaii, my room mate at the time, Amit (a.k.a Smallz a.k.a Chestzz a.k.a Thug Life a.k.a Shorty Gonna be a Thug), introduced to the art work of John Pitre. I immediately took a liking to his art as I have always been intrigued by surrealists. The use of light in his paintings, apart from other aspects, is what astounds me. It actually glows. I find it amazing how an artist can capture that. Some of Wyland’s work also achieves the same effects but he paints mostly ocean scenes. Both artists are based in Hawaii so you can see the effect the location has had on their work.

The painting below is one of my favorite paintings all together. If any of you make some big time money you know what to buy for me now. Well either this or Dali’s “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”.

This is what Pitre had to say about his “Temptations of a False God”:
“This surreal fantasy depicts the plants and elements that make up the mind-altering drugs used in our time. As the Gods watch, the pure of body and soul wander through the endless maze of life’s carnal temptations.
Off on the extreme horizon are the rewards of light, clarity, and true enlightenment, for those who choose not to succumb to these enticements of a false God.”

I for one can say that I have succumbed to this temptation more than once in my life and I am sure I will stop to smell the roses now and again on route to true enlightenment. But I will keep my eye on the prize and I will only stop long enough to experience the path I am on. Hope you enjoy this painting as much as I do. There is so much in there to look at. Check out the girl’s trapped in the capsules and the dude just chilling out on the pills. The mountain of coke makes Tony Montana’s stash look weak. There is a lot more interesting stuff on his website so check it out if you get a chance. Mahalo brother, for sharing something this wikid with me.

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