Thursday, May 26, 2005

Knockin' on Heavens Door

So I was totally hung over and tired yesterday but I had to go to My Bar to play pool with the new league and my new team the “Rajputs”. The only other person I knew on the team is Ash so we both headed out together at about 7pm. We got to My Bar at 8pm and headed straight up to the 4th floor where the new pool room is. I must say that Hitesh has done a splendid job fixing this place up. I have to take back what I said about My Bar being a total Randhi joint. Now the “action” is confined to the bottom floor. Although I did not plan to drink last night, the first bottle of JD was opened before 9pm. Ash kicked ass and won both his games and I one of my games. The team lost though. It’s only the beginning of the competition so we have time to catch up. Overall it was fun. We got wasted, met some new people, and headed to the ground floor to see if anyone interesting was around before bearing home.

I forgot to tell you that an oooooollllld friend of mine came by to meet me. Now I would not go as far as to say she was my girlfriend but we did hook up a few times some years back. I was too tired though and I told myself I would turn down any advances IF she made them. Well after the bottle of JD my morals went out the window along with my shame. But I did send her on her way to Manna House before things got out of hand and Ash took me home. Home… I should have gone home but instead I got down at Rondezvous Café where the fella’s were watching the Champions League cup. Bottle number 2 made its entrance. Not too long later though I realized I don’t know shit about soccer nor was I enjoying the game and I only knew 2 guys out of the 15 guys there and I wasn’t having much fun so I sneaked out and decided to go home, which was just around the corner. Ashwyn had done the smart thing and taken off and was probably already tucked between his sheets that he made in his own factory.

Just as I walked into my house I got a call from that girl asking me to pppleeeeeeeeeaaaaseee come meet her at Manna. I fought for a while but after 3 calls I gave up, got in my car, and made the half hour drive to Manna house where I proceeded to get torn. It must have been 3am by then. One thing led to another and I found myself having ------ well I was getting in my car at about 9am. And I still hadn’t slept. I got a call from my office telling me that there was a new client in town staying at the Arcadia Hotel which wasn’t so far from where I was at the time so as I was still buzzing I figured it would be a good idea to go meet this dude and earn back some of the money I had blown the night before.

10am, standing in the lobby of the Arcadia and I realized that this might not have been the brightest move. It took me about 10 minutes to find the guy after which I joined him and 2 ladies for breakfast. So this guy is from Mauritius and he deals in handicrafts there, so the conversation was all work related. The 2 girls were his assistants who he brought down with him. Mauritian’s look like Indians pretty much and one of the girls was hot. I think we were vibeing but that could have been the JD in my head. I actually took them to the furniture exhibition where we did do some business so the day was not wasted. While driving back to my office I almost passed out about 3 times. And I ate 2 packets of Mentos and 5 Kopiko candies. We sat here chilling for a while and I listened to stories as usual. He seemed cool enough and he did not ask for any credit so we are in business. I just sent them off to the garment market so I can clear my head for a while. This is me clearing my head.

Its 4pm now and I just got offered to go out drinkin with another buddy of mine. I am doing right thing and declining. My Dad is coming into town tonight for the weekend and I have pissed off everybody in my house already. I need at least one person on my side when the hammer comes down on me. I know I have not been the best brother, uncle, or son lately but I just needed to blow off some steam, and I am not sure I am done yet. Maybe I just need to be Avi for a while. I just feel like I really don’t care for anyone anymore and I don’t know why. I am not angry or hateful, just indifferent. I know I will get over it though so unworry. And what the fuck dude? Bo lost? Wake up America!!

On a positive note I did get an email from B who is down in Mexico, pronounced Meh-He-Co. The subject tag said “hello fm the land of the mariachi”. Now why would a brother say that? Should he not say “hello from the land of beautiful brown latinas with bubblicious tanned bottoms and round perky breasts ”? What you doin out there cuz? Here are a few quotes from his email. Let’s call them B’isms. Yes you heard it first right here Indo Dreamin.

“i havent been able to see the nite life yet :( with all the meetings, emails & other shit by the time i am done i am so capek (tired) that no strength to even fart!”

“i saw some HOT HOT HOT girls fm argentina”

“wot else... oh yeah mexico city is like 2000 mtrs above sea level so the air is thinner & for some reason i am always dried up! it takes a bit to get use to the air & breathing...”

“this city is HUGE some 20 million ppl... unfortunately i havent been able to see the nite life yet :(“

Only B can still say "wot else" on an email. So tell me, wot else. And how can you be too tired to fart!? And only B will go to Meh-He-Co to find a bloody Argentinian! Now we also know that Meh-He-Co is 200 meters above sea leval and the city he is in has 20 million people in it. Thanks for the info. Just so you know though, so does Jakarta. Im just bustin your balls mate, you know I love you. Well bro, I hope you read this and see you back here on Tuesday. Have a great time in LA and give Don, Raj, and Gauri my loves. Pool comp on Wednesday again so get ready. And don’t forget to breath. And fart before you come home. Not that you reach here and lay a Meh-he-Can bomb for us.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Avi,

Good day to you. Over the last two months I feel as if we have grown our acquaintance, so today I am writing to you as a friend.

I am concerned about your lifestyle, it cannot be healthy and clearly is not safe. I would like to appeal to your sense of duty, not to your family, but to yourself... the wonderful Mr. Avi who i find to be an interesting person with a lot to share. I can see from reading your posts that you seem aware of your negative tendencies and you try to remedy it by partaking in other activities such as water skiing, pool, and travelling... In fact, I have most enjoyed your posts about these activities, they are more interesting and colourful rather than reading again and again about your over indulgences in vices... it gets tiring. I encourage you to re-read your first post: "Sleepless in Jakarta" to remind yourself "maybe its time for some change", good luck.

Sir Irafath

Avi said...

Thank you very much for your concern. I shall hede your advice and look for more healthy releases. Any idea's? I seem to find everything else available to be pretty boring. And I do not like people in general. Hope you can offer some feedback.

AmitD said...

I would suggest you find some fine ass woman to do yoga with. I hear that makes you more flexible to do even more naughty deeds. The deeds I will leave up to you.

Ash said...


maybe you need to come to jakarta and let avi and gonzo take you out to get laid proper and detty. it may help you to remove the tree stump wedged firmly up your rectum...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Avi,

I reccomend you try some sports like basketball or table tennis, they are enjoyable, healthy and can give you a good tired out feeling, then you will rest and not partake in unsafe activities.

Mr/Ms. Ash,

I am only expressing concern for Mr. Avi's welfare. As far the tree stump i like to keep it where it is, up my Ash thank you.

Sir Irafath

Avi said...

Irafath - What do you consider to be unsafe activities?