Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend Break

I been bustin my ass with work the last few days so today I am gonna let loooooose. I got a really wikid party hit up in a few hours, 12pm in the afternoon. Its at the Amazon fun zone inn Artha Gading Mall. It has a Dora the Explorer theme! I am pretty excited. Actually 3 really special kids are celebrating their birthday today and I am throwing them a party. I invited a bunch of friends as well so I gotta head out now and buy some beers and vodka for them. It may be a kids party but that just means we gonna need a whole lot more booze to zone out!

Later today there is a surprise party for a very close friend of mine, Rodney. He just recently left his job at ADOI magazine here. He started that magazine from ground up. It will be really interesting with the whole ad community there. Ill let you know how that goes. Unfortunately I will not be able to wakeboard today but I am planning to heading out tomorrow.

So I am still here keeping it real. Have a good weekend. And happy birthday Ari, Sid, and Zubin.


AmitD said...

Happy Birthday to the three musketeers. I'm sure uncle Avi will throw you a nice b'day party. When you get older then you can expect strippers or something but for now enjoy the innocence of childhood!

Avi said...

Dawg, you know you gonna be there with us the first time hit a strip club and crack open a bottle of Jack. Lets just be happy for now that they will not have to settle for PULSE or MAKUMBA.. he he he