Friday, June 24, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since I put up this new template I can’t seem to figure out how to get my links back up and running. Actually to be honest, I have been trying to NOT fuck with the HTML. I really do not know enough about that shit to be tampering around with it. Also before I start listing, I checked out Audio Bolgger where after registering you can actually blog via telephone. I downloaded some one else’s today and it did not take long at all. So maybe while I am pissed at some bar I will put something up there, so you have to download it and tell me how it went. So without further a due, here are my favorite blog’s, in no specific order, just as they come to me.

Zuleika Unstrung
This blog is a journal of this woman in the Mid-West US somewhere. She is pregnant right now and I believe she is also a photographer. She has a very expressive way of writing and occasionally her excerpts are exceptionally perceptive.

Spanky McWanker Strikes Back
This blog is by an old friend of mine who I had not been in touch with for over ten years. Here’s is the first blog I ever started reading religiously and this is what prompted me to start one of my own. It is a personal blog and it takes a lot of courage to open ones self up the way she has.

The Sixth Seal
By far one of the most awesome blog’s out there, Sixth Seal is like the movie Train Spotting. The author, PHB, lives in Malaysia and documents various things from restaurants to cigarettes to potato chips even. His archives are split into topic groups that make it very easy to browse. I found this site while researching some recreational pharmaceuticals and his site has the most useful information one could ever need on this subject. His post today is a review of the Malaysian Blogger Awards, definitely a good read.

Kenny Sia
Although his blog is relatively new, Kenny Sia started his blog when he returned to Malaysia from Perth to spend time with his father, who was suffering from cancer and had been given the final dead line. His blog is very humorous, poking fun at himself with references to other Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers. His brand of humor is truly original. In fact last night he just walked away with the award for best blog!! He has also put up some posts that struck deep emotional chords with many readers.

Started by a very close friend of mine who also happened to be my room mate in college, this is a blog coming out of Africa about… You guessed it, dreams. There are regular posts from contributors and the posts are well analyzed in the comments usually with revealing and insightful prose. This blog is very new but it is proving to be a true mixing pot of ideas. This could possibly be the ONLY blog coming out of Ghana.

Get it? Why we are, who we are? The writer is a friend of a friend and this site is what I will call extremely introspective. I always have respect for someone who can be so open about their feelings. I for one can not. The author is also an awesome poet and he churns them out quite often. This is another one worth visiting daily for some thought provoking writing.

Lavi Rants
This is what it says it is. Lavi, an old friend of mine in Hawaii is ranting with thoughts and ideas that are proving to be quite interesting. So far the best reason I can give you to check it out is the hot pictures of Zeenat Aman, but that is just because I am infatuated.

Ceiling Zero
One of my closest friends who is also in Hawaii also just started this blog. It is also extremely introspective and DEEP. But the brother IS deep so it can’t be any other way. His articles have inspired some serious essays amongst the readers. His writing is what I would call… Honest. Good things are sure to follow.

Sarong Party Girl
I have mentioned this blog before. She is still going strong and I maintain that she is a very talented writer.

Java Jive
I only came across this yesterday. It is also the only Indonesian based blog that I have added to my favorites, but that is only because I have not come across anything else I like yet. The archives are full of pictures taken by the author (I presume), that are very striking and they do give a pleasant image of Indonesia. In the gallery there are also photographs from America and South Africa.

Kimi Land
Okay, if I have to be totally honest here, this is a blog I check every other day as well. It is the personal journal of a porn star named Kimi Andrews. Of course she does throw up some neat pictures but her entries are also very interesting. If you don’t like that kind of stuff then just don’t venture there but if you do, then this is one of the better blog’s out there. It is not weighed down with links to numerous porn sites and the writing is actually insightful to her lifestyle. It is a fun and informative blog. The archives are worth going through. Lots of interesting stuff to… uh… read.

So that’s all I can recall right now, plus I want to get out of the office. It’s Friday and things are pretty quite. Maybe I can find a cozy getaway not to far from where I am to put down some cold beers and talk story with some strangers. I pretty much put up this post as a shout out to all my buddies. Hope you mind the extra attention if any. I mean shoots, your blog is out there right? You might as well fish for hits. I miss you all and have a good weekend. Make sure there is a drink and cheers involved for me.

Song to download today – Aisa Jadoo - Remix


IndCoup said...

Hi Fuck face!! hahaha!

Interesting links. I'll check 'em out.

cheers dude!

mogs said...

Mahalo for the kind words brah.

Actually, it's indodreamin that started the trend....the domino effect, and it's a lot of fun, and complicated at the same time....deciding what to blog about....contemplating whether to to take off the mask or not.

AmitD said...

hmmm i wonder who started that blog about dreams.... must be one cool sonofabitch.

ival said...

Big Ups to Ro and I shall have our first whiskey today for you brah...

These BLOGS are great I think cos they are promoting discussion which is the most important thing in understanding ourselves and others.

Cheers Avi...

ival said...

Avi let me know if you want me to help you fix the links and the HTML.

Shan said...

Hehehe - yay. I got props! :D Seriously tho, thanx for the shout out - it means a lot esp with the shit that happened etc.
You have a great week ahead mate!

Avi said...

Its a pleasure to whore your blogs. I made a mistake on the first one. The url is

The one I put up goes to some spanish blog. Goes to show how many of you actually checked them out!! Either that or you thought i was Meh-he-can.