Monday, June 27, 2005


I spent the weekend doing a lot of reading and a lot of drinking. I also watched this series OZ that I bought on DVD. I just finished season 2. At first I did not really dig the show but now I am kind of getting into it. I recall watching some really good prison movies in the past like ‘American Me’ and “Blood In Blood Out”, which were both really entertaining. It’s probably just a guy thing to find all the prison gangs and sabotage fascinating. The concept of prison however just freaks me out. Of course the first thing we dread as men is the rape. No one wants to be fucked up the ass! And this shit happens. It’s like when the judge gives you sentence, after she says you are guilty, you don’t even consider the time they are dishing you. All you hear is “you will be fucked up the ass for seven years with the possibility of not having to be fucked up the ass anymore after 4 years”. It is a give in. Even when you come out, everyone is gonna know you took a canolli in your culo. Without the gang banging maybe prison would not be such a bad option for some stupid, lazy, criminal. You get free room and board, utilities, food, and you get a job that you are paid for upon release. You will have a shit load of time to work out as well so when you get out all you need to do is flash the abs and hook a sweet chick.

Humans are the only creatures on this earth to actually cage other animals, including their own species. We can all agree that criminals need to be separated from so called functioning society but are they really being offered a chance at rehabilitation? When you put a guy arrested for selling weed in the same cell as a rapist and in the same ward and murderers, he is going to have to fit in to survive. This is just human nature. I would hate to ever find my self in a position like that but I tell you this, I would kill any fool just to make my place and insure I don’t become somebody’s bitch. To a certain extent we also have to go through these transformations while growing up. Some of us out of the need to be excepted in high schools and others in order to just survive in boarding schools. But with prison, it is the end of the road so you will do what ever you have to in order to stay alive. How can you come out of a situation like that to be a normal husband, father, brother, or son?

Of course here in the 3rd world countries, money talks and bull shit walks. I have personally seen brothers in jail cells with Russian hookers, lap top computers, plasma TV’s, and all the comforts of home. But the idea of being held captive is still tormenting. And as for the everyday Joe? Fugetaboutit. He will see what hell really is before he gets out. The conditions here in the Far East are frightful. I do not believe even animals in the US would be treated this way. There really should be a better way to deal with criminals although I have no idea what that could be.

This Australian girl Schapelle Corby just got sentenced to 20 years in prison in Bali for trafficking 4.1 kgs of Marijuana. I do not know too many specific details about the case but I do know that she claims the drugs were planted on her. I also heard that the authorities in Australia know of a ring of people who are doing this. I remember watching this girl hear her verdict a few weeks ago. The whole scene just made me cringe. It was horrible watching her break down and I could only imagine what was going through her mind. She is a really beautiful girl and by the time she comes out what future could she possibly have. The case is in appeals now but this just goes to show that it could happen to any of us. You go on an innocent holiday and the next thing you know, you are checked into the Bangkok Hilton for the next 30 years. If you want more details on the case just google Schapelle Corby. It has become a pretty big deal out here and in Australia.

A lot of people ask why she would bring bud into Bali when there is so much here. Truth of the matter is that there is very ganja in Bali. Most of the buds in Indo come from Aceh and after the tsunami things have been very slow, even here in JKT. Also with the extra vigilance in Bali it is very hard to get good weed there but the tourists are willing to pay top dollar for the better stuff. If you ever go to Bali, never buy anything of the people who offer you shit in the street.


AmitD said...

damn dawg... no way in hell would i survive in jail. i sure as hell would kill somebody if i had to in order to protect my ass from becoming a foodcourt for hungry mofos.

Avi said...

Food court.. he he he. anallingus... Shorty gonna be a thug.