Friday, June 10, 2005

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This has been an unusually long week that has left me abnormally bored and worn out. I can’t seem to find any pleasure in any simple things anymore. I am forcing my self to smile and have a good time but honestly, I am just plain fucking uninterested. This is just one of the down days. Maybe I should go out and buy myself a pet. I have 3 turtles at home that are probably going to outlive me so I am pretty worried about what will happen to them once I am gone. They are cool guys but they don’t have names because I can’t tell them apart. Occasionally when I am unable to sleep at night I host a little race across the rug in my bedroom. And the whole thing about turtles being slow seems like a myth because I tell you these bastards can run. Once they decide to come out of that damn shell. One night I spent a half hour getting one of the fuckers out from under the cabinet cause I could not catch him before he raced under there. Little bastards. Maybe I should go home and paint their shells.

Ideally I would love to get a dog but I don’t have a big garden so that would just not be fair on the animal. I have also thought about getting a cat but they are pretty unemotional and I think I need some love. I do like cats but they are probably less fun than my turtles. Unless they are kittens. That’s a good laugh. I have considered getting a snake but I would have to keep that is my office cause no one at home would tolerate a snake. And as for those little hamsters, they look like rats and that’s just creepy. So what the fuck, let me check out the cats. I usually stop in at the pet store and I have seen some nice ones but they go for about 2 million rupiah which is just over $200 US. Isn’t that too much to pay for a cat? That’s like 3 bottles of JD at a club. There was this really cool fluffy one that was dark grey with yellow eyes. I would call him Smokey. Or Gonzo.

My attempts at setting up an afternoon piss session have failed. It seems the warriors have revamped their images to become once were warriors. To hell with them I say. From the cradle to the grave. Its Friday dammit and I am going to do something crazy. Or maybe not. Maybe I will just pop some anti-depressants and play video games while I regress into a vegetative state. I hear the calling for me to jump in my car and drive 4 hours out to the beach right now! But alas reality does not grant me that freedom. DAMN YOU oh invisible forces who pull at the strings of my life! Show yourselves and prepare for an ass whoopin of astronomical proportions. The bastards fear me so they hide on another plain where I can not touch them. The day will come. Oh yes, It will.

p.s I hate this new look!!!


Innayat said...

Dont you think having 3 babies is a hand full enough at home, you foolish boy, or get a dog and call it spike, than ati will come and give it to the monks so she says..... i just think she made satay for us that evening out of spike.

Rishtafari said...

whattta! .... hoooya! .... buyakka chop! .... supafly-kick! .... heeyaaa! .... killa-swish-spin-whack! .... hayyyaaa-hoo head butt!

whew... that should do it for the boy from Waimanalo! (dont ask if you dont want to know, or prepare to be whata-hoo-killa-hayyaa'd yourself!

Rishtafari said...

Sorry, that was my alter ego earlier...its me here now.

Dude, at the risk of sounding like a silly tabloid horoscope, i have to tell u this.... the same way u hit puberty not so long ago, you are finally showing symptoms of Luveria! They come when deep down inside you are looking for partnership in life, you have so much to give and you are ready to share. Maybe yr finally ready for someone to build dreams with and share meaningful experiences both intimate and worldly, someone who will not try to rationalize everything you do, cos they love u for who u are, and of course fight with you when they have to because you are different and will have differences... but thats all part of the passion u share. Now i dont mean luving relatives, cos u got much luv from those already, im talking about a stranger coming into your life with life experiences of her/his own that make them who they are, someone you will be curious about the same way they are curious about u, and discoveries about each other will be an unfolding adventure in itself.
What do you think about this bro? What do the rest of u think about this, do u think Avi has Luveria? Are any more of u out there showing symptoms of Luveria? If so, please advise Avi how to treat it, i hear it is addictive and can cause one to do the craziest of things, I myself caught it a while back and man im still dazed and trying to figure out w-t-f is happening... but luvin every moment of it.

The Luveria Song:
"Luveria, Luveria, my my, hey hey, Luveria"
"Luveria can never die, there's more to life than meets the eye, yes Luveria can taste like warm Apple pie"

"Luveria, Luveria, my my, hey hey, Luveria"

P.S. sorry dude, dunno whats gotten into me of late, been in one of those rich-tea-digestive / rizotto moods for the last two weeks

Avi said...

So I did not get the cat. Turns out it cost closer to $300. But they had some cute shitzu puppies. Rishi, you are back but are you okay? Where have you been? You are freakin me out dude. And I aint got no Luvaria! Trouble maker.