Friday, July 22, 2005

So Blur

If you look back at my last post you will see that I signed off wishing you a good weekend. When I woke up yesterday I could have sworn that it was Friday. I would have bet my life on it. I went through the day thinking about the cold beer I was gonna grab after work with my buddies. At about 4pm my secretary comes in and tells me that she would not be coming into work the next day (today). I say sheepishly, “Well neither will I because it’s a Saturday”. And she was like, “Uh, no Avi… It’s Friday”. My heart shrunk to the size of a pea. It was like a big grey storm cloud had just pulled in a settled right above my head. What a bummer. But now it really is Friday so I guess I can cheer up, but as she is not here today I have had to talk to some pretty useless people on the phone. I never realized how many people call my office trying to sell us stupid shit.

For instance I got a call from a new ISP offering us wireless internet. Although it is something I would be very interested in, my office is not located in the CBD and I know they would not be providing this service where I am. This is still a developing area. Hell, I can’t even get bastard cable internet out here. So this I tell the guy to check if they have coverage in this area and then I will talk to him further after that. Then he wasted 5 minutes of my fucking precious time trying to give me their rates!! You can’t even provide me the service so why do I want the rates??!! He also proceeded by insisting to come meet me personally. My lord, I almost popped an artery. Why in Gods name would I want to meet you? If it was a hot sounding girl on the other end of the line I might have entertained some banter but I could not understand half the shit this guy was saying. My Bahasa is bad enough on a normal level so how the fuck am I supposed to understand all these technical IT terms? I have refused to take any more calls today. Whatever it is can wait till Monday.

Now have a good weekend. I am sure this time. I told you I am a dumb ass.


Shan said...

I can relate bro...I can relate :D

AmitD said...

Damn, went out last night and am too tired to go out friday night.But I will try coz I am gonna go out with some different people for a change!

Avi said...

Tell me cuz. Who where what how? are you choppin? I am trying to come to ghana for a few days in august so you better send me the list of movies you want soon!

ash said...

avi- reading this is just making my blood boil. just picturing some useless fucker coming to my office on a useless sales call to go back and do fuck all about it. happens sooooo many times in this fuckhole where u get offered something or want to buy something and they are so fast to come to your office- but after that nothing happens. you have to chase them for weeks to get a proforma or anything done after that. so fucking irritating! pardon my french, but got up on the wrong side of the bed.

AmitD said...

Chale I ain't chopping jack shit... Just going out and trying to meet some new people for a change. Anyway, i have sent you the list so hook me up dawg and get your ass over here already!

Aisha said...

strangely enough... i woke up staruday abs convinced it was friday. my dad calls and asks wht tme to send the car and im lke what did i do NOW??! Memory check- nope nothing inciminating... even slept before 6... so then i was told by various people and a computer that it was saturday... nice feeling.
except when u get a call in middle of sunday siesta saying- we have to re work Ep 10 like NOWWWWW.
Sundaze supposed to be holiday, no?