Thursday, July 07, 2005

Trouble Cubed

I just dropped my sister off at the airport and that means I will be single-handedly taking care of my nephews until Monday. We are talking about 3 year old triplets. Yes that’s right. And somehow I have been left in charge. This could turn out to be an awesome weekend or I could end up jumping out of my second floor balcony, head first. But actually their pretty awesome. I never write about them though cause that’s just a different aspect of my life. I could actually start a whole blog about the crazy shit they say and do. So this weekend no going out. Just cards and drinks at my place all night. Tonight however I am gonna hit the reggae party at Q Bar. Hot it up if you are interested. It is in Kelapa Gading Sports Mall.

Thank for all the names you guys suggested. Let me just list them out here.

Fez el Bali
Bad Fez-asses
Pool Mantra
Fez Manics
Samurai Fez
Fez Exotic Fruits (mine)
Fez Boozingations (mine)
Fez Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Dude, this is pretty awesome. They are all pretty wikid and I was totally stumped about what direction to move in. I am gonna leave the ultimate decision up to my team members. Personally I like Fez el Bali quite a bit because it is pretty cultured and it has a Moroccan-Indo thing going. And like Irafath said, it’s a lucky place. Ash has been very partial to Fezonators. I think this is because his masculinity was challenged after the whole metro-sexual thing. Guess I just have to wait and see what the other boys have to say.

Here are a few pictures of the last two shirts we had. This is the reason I actually started playing for the league. You get this really cool shirt for FREE! The bright orange one from My Bar was Hitesh’s idea of a joke. He said I had been “tangoed”. You know, like the drink TANG. I should actually have 2 more from Fez but I end up loosing them pretty early into the competition. But that is a small price to pay for winning the best drinking team cup. The Fez team shirt is from the first season and it was really good quality. The designs are actually fully embroidered. Every player had a different number ball on the left breast. It made me feel,,, special. The last ones we got were printed. Cheap bastards. I am insisting on quality this time. If any of you guys are designers, please feel free to hook a brother up with a little sum-in sum-in.

So Inny, Puts, and Surri… Let me know how you want your names to read on the shirt or you know I will do something I consider funny and you might not completely agree with. And aren’t you an artsy fartsy fashion student Surri? You hit 10 on the metro-sexual scale right? Come up with a design then cuz. And choose a name NOW!!! See ya soon.

*The bastard picture posting program is acting the fool. I will throw up the pictures later.


AmitD said...

Thanks for listing my suggestion asshole!

Anonymous said...


surri said...

hey i gots a goods about Fez-turbators...

Avi said...

I like that Surri.

Sory Amit. My bad.

Thanks Anon...

I came up with Fezingations yesterday. Or do you prefere Fezilicious?

ival said...

Fezilicious is better. or Feznits. You know Vespa, why not Fezpa?

Pezaz or Fezaz.

You know what Lions do all day-Lounge! Why not Fez Lounge Lions!!

Or, the Fez-Meisters!!