Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What’s in a Name?

Well the time has rolled around again for the Jakarta Pool League to kick off. I have somehow landed the position of captain of a team playing for Fez Lounge in Kemang. They pretty much gave me the title on the condition that I can choose my own players, which are all incidentally good friends of mine and bad ass players. They are also one hell of a bunch of drinkers so I plan on holding on to the cup we won for best drinking team. If you did not catch that post you can check it out in last months archives. There were some pretty cool pictures from the awards ceremonies too.

The title is actually only a title as I probably will not be here in Jakarta at all next month. So keep the piss up boys! And hurry back Puts. So the dilemma I have here is that I have to come up with a name for the team like today!!! But I will stall till tomorrow. Fez has another team called the Fez Bastards. We were named FezNatics which I really hated. I can’t make it too vulgar or else I wanted the Fez BHENCHOTS. I was thinking PITAALS? Or how about the FEZ WINO’S or Fez GHAATIS? I can’t come up with nothing right now. They gotta print out the uniforms real soon. So hit me back with some suggestions please. You are all a creative bunch…

If any of you lot living in Jakarta would like to join the league or just come to the games for a piss up, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Avi,

How are you? I am fine, I decide i will not speak my mind to your blogg on certain issues as you and your readers can be mannerless and hurtful in their words.

I will only comment on gentle issues:

I would like to contribute my suggestion for your team name. In my land we have a city called Fez, and there is one part of the city called "Fez el Bali" a very special place in Morocco which is in Africa north. I think you will be liking this name because the name Bali is a special place in Indonesiea that you like to travel to.
It would do us great honour if a team by the name of "Fez el Bali" wins competition. If you use google search engine you learn more about of "Fez el Bali" to see it is very special and lucky place.

Good luck in your team no matter which name you call yourselves.

Sir Irafaht

Jax said...

Fez-o-Matics, Fez-Vedics,
Bad Fez-asses, Fez-Balls, Pool Mantra, Fez-Manics ...hahaha...sorry...end of the day, bad headache...just inane work does this to you.

aisha said...

Fez-Exs, ConFez, Fezstatic!, Guru Cools, Fez and the Samurai or Samurai Fez, or you know give brittany a tribute and call urselves: Hit me bay-bee one more time!
lol... Jk.
Thns for comment on blog. And abt G-8... i was tryin NOT to focus on the fact tht there is another gr8 concert goin on bt its not whre i live! boo hoo!

Anonymous said...

fez-heads. well. totally unrelated - you might like this site:


AmitD said...

Reminds me of the Seinfield episode where he had the fezdispenser and made Elaine laugh during the piano recital.
Fez Dispensers baby! But for you jokers instead of Fez being candy it would be ALCOHOL!

mogs said...


Avi said...

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

Irafaht, its actually good to see you back my friend. I appoligize if anyone offended you but I hope you understand that thier opinions are out of my control and every one is entitled to thier own as you are to yours. I am especially partial to Fez el Bali and I am going to try and talk the fella's into it but they are a rough bunch of degenerates I tell you. If you think I got a potty mouth you aint seen nothing yet.

Mahalo once again for the feedback yall.

AmitD said...

stop being so damn nice avi... it's your turn man! why you taking so long!! move your ass mofo!?!?!

rishtafari said...

Avi I too like Fez el Bali, but dude I've never seen you kiss ass so badly, what's that brown stuff on yr nose, actually i dont wanna know.

Avi said...

Rish, that is just fuckin mean thing to say. Where is all this hostility comming from? Must be that UK wheather. Where is the love dawg? I was feelin happy man.. But bro, I am glad to see you are okay. I was calling you for about an hour yesterday before your Mom sms'ed me.