Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All You Need Is Love

The Beatles had it down, right from the start. Just a little bit of love can take you such a long way. Today I got 2 cool things. First off a new/old friend sent me an email out of the blue which lightened up my morning. Thanks. And secondly, my mates Gaurus (names changed to protect the guilty) sent me a package down from NYC. The package contained a CD which held pictures of my god daughter who they recently gave birth to. She is so beautiful. It is a good thing that we have decided to bequeath her to one of my nephews once they are of age. And then when she and my nephew decide they do not want one another, Gaurus and me will take to the streets with sWords (you got to pronounce the W) in our hands, fighting to defend our honor. And after the battle dies down we will realize that we love each other anyways, and it will rain. We will play Holi (Indian color festival thing) in the rain with our families and sing happy songs while we guzzle down bhung ganja juice). And we will all live happily ever after.

Apart from the CD, they also sent me this nifty belt that I am totally loving right now. Now all of you best give a shout out to my god daughter Kaiya and my mates Gaurus. And if any of you are in the NYC area, you gotta stop in at the Brick Lane Curry House. Say my name and you should get some discount. If not, you can have an extra samosa on me.

*This post has taken forever to upload because my PC is still acting like an asshole. I am gonna have to go ape shit on it like how the dude in ‘Office Space’ took out the fax machine.


ival said...

Somehow that life(movie) plot and scenes seem very familliar...wonder where you got those ideas from man...could it be...Bollywood!! Good scene yaar and big ups to the small ones...

Avi said...

I felt like Amitab Bachan when I pictured it it in my mind.