Thursday, August 04, 2005

Under Pressure

Last night we fell from grace and faced our first loss. It was horrible. But everyone did try their best and some days you got it, other days you don’t. Puts Daddy has had game since the ball got rolling. He has not lost a single game yet and he has played in every competition so far. He has also faced some very tough opponents and has remained resilient. I am his number one fan now. Puts Dizzay!

In case you haven’t checked the standings on the official site; we were 3 points behind the My Bar Braves, who we played last night. Although they gave us quite a beating, we still have 3 games left before the next leg and I am confident we can catch up and even give them a thrashing the next time we play them at home. Some body gonna get a hurt real bad in the weeks to come.

How come nobody gave a shout out to my god daughter? That’s like some one sneezing and no body saying bless you. That’s pretty fucked up people. And I thought you guys would dig my new belt too.

The picture program is being an asshole today so I can’t upload the score card and this other cool image I got. Too bad. We lost 4-8 in men’s and 0-4 in ladies. It’s okay. We will make a solid come back.

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