Monday, August 01, 2005


I was hopping across the web today when I came across some news that caught my attention. Occasionally something catches my eye and I follow links from there to some other website and from there to another and before you know it you are reading about something you might never have known even occurred on a normal day. You follow me here?

So anyways, there is this photographer by the name of Sharad Haksar who comes to us from India, by way of Singapore. He has some really good images on his site and he is apparently well reputed having won some awards. What brought me to him in fact is a news article that says he is being sued by the Atlanta based multi-national; Coca-Cola. How cool is that? Apparently Mr. Haksar, using his own finances, has erected a Billboard in Chennai that bares one of his photographs. The big boys at Coca-Cola Apparently do not like the image he is portraying of them.

This news is from July 2005 but I still found it “blog worthy”, if not to just promote this artist. There was a water shortage at the time and protesters were picketing outside the large factory claiming that Coca-Cola was using up precious water and also polluting the existing water and soil. I do not know how the case turned out but I found this to be a very interesting and powerful image. You can see the actual shot on his site. The colors in his pictures make me feel a bit nostalgic. I can’t, nor do I want to, nab any pictures from his site, but there is one in particular of a car parked in front of a mural of Shiva. There is a lot more to it so check it out.

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